Giving Professionals a Competitive Edge

“Lauren’s coaching is smart and sensitive. It really helped me see where I could strengthen my presentation skills, but as importantly, it helped me understand why I tend to create obstacles to better presentation. Lauren is masterful at breaking it down to individual moments where a smile, a pause, a change in tone, or fuller ownership of personal anecdotes can improve delivery.”

Philip Warburg, Environmental Lawyer and Writer

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“Studio G has worked with Lauren for many years. She first helped us with presentations for new design projects, but we quickly realized that her uniquely insightful and thoughtful approach could build our capacity for communication beyond as well as within our organization. Lauren has become crucial to our team development and her workshops are informative, provocative, and fun. She is a great pleasure to work with, able to gather what the moment calls for, even when we cannot fully articulate it. She is highly flexible and quickly adjusts and responds to our changing needs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Gail Sullivan, Managing Principal
Studio G Architects

“Lauren is a gifted and deeply intuitive mentor and coach whose maturity and intelligence inspire trust. Clients begin by trusting her, and end by better trusting themselves.”

Sharon Pywell, Author and Educator

“Working with Lauren was such a pleasure. She helped me transform a competent but mediocre presentation into one that projected emotion, interest, and relevance. The successful presentation brought in new clients.”

Karen F. Brown, AIA
Karen Brown Design Group

Improving Business Communications

“I’m so glad I worked with Lauren on my public speaking skills. In just one coaching session, we were able to find the hook — the most important ‘missing piece’ of my pitch — and improve the delivery too. When the time came to present, I felt prepared and confident, and everyone who had seen me pitch before noticed a huge improvement. I am convinced that without Lauren’s help, DynamiCare Health would not have won the $75,000 Grand Prize in the Harvard Business School Alumni New Venture Competition. Working with Lauren is probably the highest Return on Investment I’ve ever made!”

Eric Gastfriend, Cofounder and CEO
DynamiCare Health

“Lauren showed me the power of speaking with my own voice. Her clear and compelling guidance was instrumental for me to gain the confidence needed to make presentations personal and engaging for my audience.”

Adam Klauber, Vice President
Sustainability and ESG, World Energy

“Lauren’s communication workshop was one of the most unusual and compelling workshops I’ve ever taken. You’ll gain a new perspective while you hone your skills.”

Steve Robins, Director of Marketing
FirstBest Systems, Inc.

Stepping Up the Power of Nonprofit Leaders

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“Lauren offers compassionate and transformative coaching that skillfully elicits remarkable growth by gently but forcefully pushing individuals to take risks. Participants learn to speak with authenticity, self-awareness, presence, and power. I recommend these workshops highly to anyone looking to improve their skills in presentation, composition, and delivery.”

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, President
Hebrew College

“What a joy to have Lauren Garlick as a workshop leader! This professional development opportunity brought us ‘outside of the box’ and thinking differently. It was fun, interesting, and pushed us to be better presenters. Lauren is an excellent and very creative facilitator with a ton of experience and innovative tools to help us be better at what we do.”

Laurie Herrick, Mentor
JCamp180, Harold Grinspoon Foundation

“Lauren helped me translate our organization’s legal and technical information into an engaging and personal narrative for fundraising. The enriching insights, guidance, and the confidence she gave me were exactly what I needed. My presentation was a great success. The audience was inquisitive and eager to hear more.”

Amit Bracha, Executive Director
Israel Union for Environmental Defense

“I can’t recommend Lauren’s coaching services enough. She is bright, charming, funny, wise, and a true professional. Lauren doesn’t sugar-coat the truth, she gives it to you straight up with generous insights.”

Rev. Krysia Bereday Burnham, Chaplain
VNA Hospice and Palliative Care

“Lauren’s coaching was amazing. I rewrote most of my speech, and it was dramatically better. The presentation was received very well! It made the organization better, the message clearer, and it achieved my objective of spinning up emotional enthusiasm much more effectively.”

C. Flynn, Global Conference Speaker
Center for Effective Altruism

Supporting Student and Faculty Success

“Partnering with Lauren in teaching students and faculty to communicate their science research is like gold. She helped me flesh out a curriculum to achieve our program’s goals. Right away Lauren puts participants at ease, makes them realize that they know more than they think they do, and gives them the confidence and skills to communicate effectively…and to have fun doing it! Each year she receives rave reviews and is consistently our top-rated speaker and workshop facilitator.”

Diedra Wrighting, Ph.D, Executive Director
ADVANCE office of Faculty Development, Northeastern University

“Lauren brings great sensitivity and exceptional interpersonal skills to her coaching. The work is imaginative, eclectic, and supportive. She is highly engaging, creative, and humorous as well as an inspiring role model for excellence in coaching and leadership.”

Professor Dorit Kaufman, Director
Professional Education Program, Stony Brook University

“Lauren’s session was incredibly eye-opening, entertaining, and character-building. She helped our alumni founders develop their story-telling techniques. We learned so much about the importance of the words we choose, our body language, and staying connected to our audience.”

Thara Pillai, Director
Alumni Programs & Engagement, Harvard Innovation Labs

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“Lauren has had a tremendous impact on our students. Her process inevitably leaves them feeling clearer, better focused, and more confident about themselves and their choice of professional pathway. She truly has a deep, kind-hearted, and powerful impact that students and staff continue to feel and talk about for months and years after.”

Andrew J. Grosovsky, Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
University of Massachusetts Boston

Client list includes


  • Bullhorn
  • DynamiCare Health
  • Pioneer Investments
  • Studio G Architects
  • Maugel Architects, Inc.
  • Karen Brown Design Group
  • Sustainable Performance Institute
  • DiMella Shaffer
  • Goody Clancy


  • Boston University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Tufts University
  • Stony Brook University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Framingham State University
  • Smith College
  • Hebrew College

Medical Centers

  • Boston University Medical Center
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • The Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
  • Tufts Medical Center
  • The University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center


  • Centre for Effective Altruism
  • The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
  • Right Question Institute (RQI)
  • Harold Grinspoon Foundation
  • Kulanu Inc.
  • Medical-Legal Partnership Boston (MLBP)
  • JCC Greater Boston
  • Jewish Family & Child Services
  • Strategies for Youth
  • Adam Teva ve’Din – Israel Union for Environmental Defense
  • Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Greater Boston
  • MassChallenge
  • iCivics