What We Do

We Work with You to Deliver Your Message & Drive Results through High-Impact Communication

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Shape Your Story

Discover the story you really want to tell
Find your authentic voice
Sharpen your interviewing skills
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Perfect Your Presentation

Enhance vocal projection and range
Overcome presentation anxiety
Present with vigor and clarity
Develop English skills for speakers of other languages
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Enhance Leadership Skills

Lead teams effectively
Manage conflict
Negotiate difficult conversations
Transform organizational culture
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Achieve Your Goals

Create crisp, strong pitches and proposals
Build successful and productive working relationships
Interview effectively to land the job
Guide strategically and persuade purposefully

“Your story is more powerful than you imagine. Learning how to communicate it is the foundation for achieving your goals.”

How We Do It

We create powerful outcomes in training sessions that provide:

  • Dynamic, interactive exercises to develop presence, self-awareness, and effective expression
  • Targeted techniques to enhance public speaking and convert anxiety into energy
  • A supportive, safe environment to explore diverse presentation styles
  • Effective methods for constructive reflection

Training Sessions

We offer in-person and remote training for individuals and groups. Individual coaching sessions are 1-2 hours. Group workshops can be 90 minutes, half day, or full day. We customize our workshops for your specific requirements.

Some of Our Workshops

Presentations with Power and Presence

Communicate your message with confidence and clarity. Improve your ability to inspire, motivate, and persuade. Develop effective body language to connect with your audience. Craft introductions and conclusions for greater impact. Match visual material to the message you are conveying.

Communicating Science with Clarity and Impact

Share discoveries with scientific and non-scientific audiences. Develop essential skills to powerfully engage listeners and build enthusiastic understanding of your science. Practice and receive feedback on presentations for conferences, pitches, and important conversations.

Collaborative Skills for Team Success

Improve your ability to communicate in meetings, at networking events, or in one-on-one conversations. Build stronger teams by sharpening listening skills and understanding diverse communication styles. Learn to develop clear and concise messages, tailor conversations to the listener, make technical information engaging, and listen actively to foster rapport.

Interviewing with Confidence and Ease

We work with you to uncover the stories that present your memorable and powerful message. Master lively articulation and expression for the delivery that your listener will remember. Enhance interviewing skills and develop your unique personal statement.

Leadership and Team Management

Inspire individuals in your team by clearly communicating your vision. Accomplish defined goals through practice and immediate application. Learn strategic communication methods to drive results. Inspire solutions through conversations that nurture collaboration.

Overcoming Remote Management Challenges

Explore essential methods to support team building in virtual work settings. Supervisors and managers learn how to promote improved team relations on Zoom and other platforms. This workshop offers remote management skills for effective communication and stronger team dynamics.

Lauren Garlick Group workshop
Lauren Garlick Group workshop
Lauren Garlick Group workshop

If you desire to become an ambassador, Lauren can take you there. First you learn to listen to your song that lives within. Lauren holds a mirror to this kernel of truth, setting into motion your voice and body. Armed with your heart’s story, sharing grows imperative.

Stephen Michener, Associate, Studio G Architects